Business Russian.
Spoken Russian
July 1 – July 31, 2018
International Summer School Program «Business Russian. Spoken Russian»

The programme

The School comprises 2 modules.

TRACK 1:  Business Russian  
• Russian language in the modern world
• Speech in the context of cross-cultural management
• Oral business communication: stress and intonation
• Vocabulary and phraseology of business texts
• Business rhetoric
• Business conversation over the phone and via SMS
• Business protocol and etiquette in the Russian tradition, etc.
• Business communication: regulatory, ethical and communicative aspects
• Official documents: rules and characteristics of formatting paperwork

TRACK 2:  Spoken Russian
• Speech etiquette: introductions, presentations, etc.
• Spelling and sounds of the Russian language
• Graphic system and writing techniques
• Rhythm, stress and intonation
• Structure of a simple sentence
• Grammar: nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns
• Speaking: Family & Friends, Greetings & Invitations, Leisure & Hobbies, Travel & Countries, etc.

Cultural program
Each participant of the Summer School will benefit from tours around Tyumen and trips to neighboring cities and get acquainted with traditional Siberian culture.

CITY TOUR AROUND TYUMEN –  first Russian city in Siberia
TOBOLSK – a historical capital of Siberia and hometown of a famous Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev 
ARCHAELOGICAL MUSEUM  (LAKE ANDREEVSKOE) – traditions of Siberia’s shamanic culture
YALUTOROVSK BURG – Russian peasant games and a tea ceremony with cucumbers
DECEMBRISTS’ MUSEUM (YALUTOROVSK)  – place of exile of convicts after the Decembrist uprising
TYUMEN DRAMA THEATRE –  biggest drama theatre in Russia
YEKATERINBURG (extra fee) – capital of the Urals and hometown of the first President of Russia