Public Diplomacy:
Reaching out to Siberia
September 24 –
September 30, 2018
Tyumen Region (Oblast)

Almost all the activities will take place in Tyumen, a city of 600 000 inhabitants, located in the very heart of the Western Siberia, 1800 kilometers east of Moscow behind the Ural Mountains. It is the capital of the Tyumen Region (Oblast), a region that has seen significant economic growth over the past twenty years. Educational program will be held at Tyumen State University’s campus. TSU is one of the largest research and educational centers in Western Siberia. TSU participates in a number of international academic programs, such as EAU, EAIE, SPACE, TEMPUS and Erasmus Mundus. In the course of thirty years more than 40 000 people obtained academic degrees at Tyumen State University