26.11 2018
Вклад в высокую оценку города внес ТюмГУ: университет меняет интеллектуальное пространство города амбициозными проектами.
20.11 2018
Ее цель – сделать вовлечение иностранцев в университетское сообщество максимально комфортным.
16.11 2018
Почти 40% магистрантов Института экологической и сельскохозяйственной биологии (X-BIO), приступивших  к  обучению в 2018 году, – иностранные граждане.
14.08 2017
The official closing ceremony of the Summer School "Business Russian" took place at the University of Tyumen. 
05.08 2017
Participants of the Summer School "Business Russian" visited the Archaeological Conservation Area on the Andreevskoe Lake. 
04.08 2017
Students of the Summer School "Business Russian" attended an organized excursion to get acquainted with the specifics features of the document management and storage at the University of Tyumen.  
03.08 2017
Tyumen never ceases to astonish international Summer School students with its contrasts.
28.07 2017
The first study week of the Summer School "Business Russian" finished with a significant and memorable event, a visit to Tobolsk, the ancient capital of Siberia. 
27.07 2017
The educational programme for international students "Business Russian" Summer School is not only studying the language of the business documents in Russian. 
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